How to make transgender women look less masculine

Why some transgender women cannot be treated as real women? I think the main reason is that they look masculine and don't like real women. Their friends and other people around them may don't know what is the right way to call them, she or he? It is simply because the way they look like. You may think you are a real woman, but your large arms make you look like a man. How to look like real women without getting the surgery? And they want to have tranny date. This is a common problem for many transgender women. Surgery can be a hard process, so not all transgender women are brave enough to under go transitioning surgery. Don't worry, there are many ways for you to look less masculine and like a real woman.

Your face is your first impression on other people, so your face should be less masculine firstly. A transgender woman with a masculine face will be treated as a man in most occasions. One of the most important way to make your face less masculine is to completely remove your facial hair. As to your eyebrows should be thin and feminine, you should keep them somewhat clean and polished. Makeup is also helpful if you want to look like a real woman, especially for a trans dating. It can make your skin smooth, highlighting, and it can also hide your male features. However, you should make sure that the makeup style is suitable to your face and your skin. As you are new to women's world, you need to practice more before going out to women's world. You should also choose the makeup style that suit yourself. It can be a difficult problem for many transgender women to prepare for a transgender dating, if you are not good make makeup, you can ask some of your female friends for advice.

Hand is another is the second face of women, so if you want to look like a real woman, your hands should be look less masculine too. We all know that most of women's hands are smooth and soft, If you want to look less masculine, hands are important parts of your body. You should make your hands less masculine if you want to look like real women. Moisturizing and conditioning can make your hands smooth and soft like women. But you should keep on using it. Moisturizers like cocoa butter and coconut oil are great choices for you. Getting pedicures is another way to make your hands less masculine. Fingernail is an important part of you hands, so pay attention to your fingernail if you want to feminize your hands. besides, you can also wear some jewelry to make your hands less masculine, Bracelets are in different sizes, shapes and style, choose the right one for yourself.

The most important way to make you look like real women is wearing women's clothes. This is an important step for transgender women to become real women. Wearing right clothes can make you look confident and look like real women. Dresses, skirts and heels are great choice for most of transgender women, but if you are too shy to dress sexy clothes, jeans and blouses are also great choices for you.