Transgender dating: What does a transgender woman want?

Every transgender girl is different, so I can only talk about my experience. Because I'm active in Utah's largest trans dating community and write a monthly article titled "pride!" I think I have some valuable knowledge about our newsletter and the fact that I'm currently a prep teaching assistant.

First, let's get something straight: if you're a guy who entertains gay or bisexual fantasies by hanging out with transgender women, then you're in the wrong place, and that's it. You have to understand that transgender girls are like any other genetic girls on this planet. No straight woman wants a gay man, and no bisexual woman wants a gay man who thinks she's a man. Bisexual women want another woman. Straight women want straight men. She may date or marry a bisexual man, but it is clear that he will not fulfill his fantasy with her because she is not a man. So if you think of a transgender woman as a shemale (a very offensive word), or a woman with a extra thing, you completely miss the fact that trans women are not men in any way. Yes, that's what I said.

But women don't have penises, do they? Yes! We are sometimes born this way, but we are all genetic women. Let's take a look at some things. What makes you a woman or man? If you were a man, your penis would be cut off tomorrow. Would you suddenly become a woman? No! Let's look at what happened to John Bob, who had his penis cut off. Did he suddenly become a woman before the penis was reattached? No!

As a matter of a fact, gender identity comes from the brain, not the genitals. We are all women in the matrix, some of us will become men. But every once in a while, the brain is identified as female, while the body becomes male and even ambiguous, as in the case of the opposite sex, those born with two genitalia. In other cases, the body becomes female while the brain remains male. My brain, my identity is female. My body was blurred and looked more like a woman than a man. That's why I personally hate having a penis. I grew up bathing in the dark so I wouldn't have to see it. I sit down to urinate and throw up at the sight of it. I'm a girl, a boy, and the other girls I know are girls, too.

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